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  • Victoria Coultas (Wednesday, July 12 17 03:17 pm BST)

    I have recently started my professional training with Nicola at NLDA. After hearing great things, from my dancing friends, I decided to brave it and get in touch. Within a couple of weeks from my initial enquiry, I had started my teacher training journey. I was so nervous, but everyone at NLDA has been so welcoming. Its so refreshing to be surrounded by other teachers who are genuinely still passionate about dance and helping people learn in a fun and friendly way. Nicola is amazing, she isn’t just teaching me to pass my exams but she is a brilliant mentor, providing so many useful teaching tips and career advice. I could not recommend this dance school enough, whether you're wanting to attend your first ever dance class or wanting to take things a step further and become a teacher yourself…. NLDA is the place!

  • karolyroerts (Monday, July 10 17 12:24 pm BST)

    Zumba Monday is so much fun! Friendly class of people of all shapes and abilities all there to have some fun and get fitter. Olivia is a happy, lively and caring instructor and choses music that she knows we will enjoy dancing too. Roll on next week!!!

    On a separate note, I would like to take this opportunity to sing Olivias praises. She joined our already established Monday class of Ballroom and Latin in Roundhay in place of Yasmin who left, which could not of been an easy task. Every week she is full of smiles, patience and her love of dancing whilst reminding us of the steps we have forgotten already from the week before, always ready to answer any questions when we are confused by a new bit...never once making us feel inadequate or forgetful, slowing songs down so we don't trip over our two left feet, meanwhile learning more technique in these last few weeks with her than we did in the first few months. She really brightens up my Mondays and I look forward to learning more whisks, lock steps and fans...she is a wonderful person and I am glad to know her.
    All the team at NLDA that I have met have been very friendly and welcoming. Keeeeeep Dancing!!!!

  • Pamela Tennant (Thursday, October 13 16 06:14 pm BST)

    An excellent school.. The teachers are excellent and the school all supports one another at the competitions. Lessons are fun and hard work. If I don't come away feeling shattered it means I haven't
    worked hard enough. My late husband said I had improved so much since joining this school and that is true. Thanks NLDA.

  • Chris Rafferty (Thursday, August 04 16 02:27 pm BST)

    My fiancée and I started dancing lessons with Yasmin a few months ago. Not having your obvious dancer's physique I was sceptical as to how much I would enjoy it. The minute our first lesson with Yas
    ended I couldn't wait for the second one! She now has me waltzing around with cha cha, rumba and a few other moves thrown in for good measure. I don't know how she manages to maintain her humour and
    enthusiasm but every lesson is a delight and a highlight of the week. I would recommend Yas and NLDA without any hesitation, even if (like me) you have a spare left foot.

  • Olivia and Richard (Monday, March 07 16 06:29 pm GMT)

    My then fiance surprised me with private lessons for my birthday two weeks ago as I had hinted that I would love to start learning ballroom and latin, having previously danced Salsa. Two years later
    and we are hooked. All of the dance teachers are fantastic and encouraging, the lessons are great fun, and the balls are great super. It is great to have a hobby that we both enjoy to do as a couple
    together. We also had a Cha Cha first wedding dance thanks to the team at NLDA. Thank you to all the team for many Saturdays of great dance lessons! Liv and Rich

  • Mandy davies (Tuesday, March 01 16 08:39 pm GMT)

    Such a nice school to be part of. We moved her in November and my children have improved so much. The teachers are so friendly and fun to be around. Nice school atmosphere at comps too. My girls just
    love to come to class every week x

  • Honey Caseldine (Friday, January 29 16 06:13 pm GMT)

    Hi, I have been having lessons for a few months now. All the teachers have been great,and a special mention goesto Nicola C, who is so pateitn and positive and makes lesson so fun. Who would have
    thought I would be doing dance exmas! Thanks

  • John & Kelly (Saturday, January 09 16 11:56 pm GMT)

    Thoroughly enjoying our lessons with Nicola C. A perfect mix of fun, laughs and learning - everything we've come to expect from NLDA over the past couple of years. She's a brilliant teacher - thanks

  • Graham Casey (Thursday, June 18 15 10:33 pm BST)

    just done first class - so am contacting you to go on mail list etc. ( had great time but COULDN'T get hang of cha cha chaa!!! just been practising steps alone in kitchen - SAD !!

  • Ellie Jackson (Friday, May 22 15 01:56 pm BST)

    My boyfriend and I have been going to a ballroom & latin evening class at NLDA since Jan last year and we absolutely love it - learning to dance is so much fun! It's addictive and I now go 3
    times a week since I've started competing; something I never would have imagined I'd be doing!! Thank you NLDA for helping me discover a new passion!

    The teachers are fantastic and the balls which are put on twice a year are incredible fun. If you're thinking about trying out a class just go for it - you won't regret it. :)

  • Deb (Sunday, May 17 15 09:59 am BST)

    It is the highlight of my week - great exercise with very lovely teachers and top classmates. Definitely beats Coronation Street on a Wednesday night.

  • Dobson (Tuesday, May 12 15 02:06 pm BST)

    A year on from joining the amazing world that is NLDA!!!
    I've taken up dancing again after how I've seen Nic, Ash, Mark and the team transform my daughter into a Regional Ballroom, Latin and Sequence Champion. Love these amazing people.
    Without doubt "THE" Absolute Best dance school in Leeds!!!!

  • Clare (Monday, May 11 15 10:16 pm BST)

    Nigel and I love the classes - we joined a beginner class with trepidation but a year on we're still going and love it. We positively look forward to our class and are excited to be attending our
    first ball this summer. Thanks to the team who have always been friendly and put us at ease; even when my feet feel like thumbs sometimes!

  • Elliot & Lesley Brown (Monday, May 11 15 09:52 pm BST)

    Been going to the classes for several months now. Great fun, terrific exercise and super tuition - really patient and thorough. The socials are excellent for practice. We've also had a few private
    lessons and just enjoy the whole dance thing so much. NLDA rocks!

  • John & Kelly Prydderch (Sunday, October 26 14 08:13 pm GMT)

    We've been dancing with NLDA for 8 months. Our private lessons with Poli are loads of fun - she's a fantastic teacher! We always have a laugh and she's never afraid to challenge us.

    Group lessons with Poli, Ashleigh and Mark have taught us diverse ballroom and latin dances. It's always clear that everyone in the class is enjoying themselves.

    We'd never danced before NLDA and it's a credit to all the staff that we continue to learn and progress each week.

  • Ian Watson (Tuesday, October 07 14 02:13 pm BST)

    So, 6 months on from my last testimonial and i've just won in both Ballroom & Latin at Blackpool!

    It just goes to show you're never too old to learn something new, after all, this time last year my limit was a Macarena or the Timewarp. A bit of a Tragedy really :)

    I can't thank the efforts of the NLDA team enough for getting me to the standard i've reached in such a relatively short time.

    In the grand scheme of things, this is just the first step on a long road but my enthusiasm - and that of the team - is unrelenting.


    Go on, sign up. If i can do it, anyone can :)

  • Steve & Melissa (Thursday, October 02 14 05:50 pm BST)

    We are really pleased with our private lessons at NLDA. We've been working with Ashleigh who is extremely patient and and relates very well to the learning process. Poli is on spot with the
    scheduling. She really works with us to accommodate our needs and does so with a cheery attitude! We were surprised to have found such a wonderful school at random and we highly recommend it!

  • Fortunee Brunt (Thursday, October 02 14 09:53 am BST)

    I have only been to my first 2 sessions and I am impressed, particularly with the fact that from the start we are shown how to hold our heads, move our arms gracefully and posture ourselves. It is
    good to get into good habits from the beginning of the learning process. Very enjoyable.

  • Chris and Liz Sampson. (Thursday, October 02 14 08:57 am BST)

    Ashleigh and Nicola are such patient and tirelessly enthusiastic teachers - even the most incompetent beginners are enthused!

  • Sue and Graham (Wednesday, October 01 14 07:43 pm BST)

    Having never had dance lessons before this is a completely new experience for us after being inspired by Strictly. Poli and Mark are excellent teachers, fun to be with and more importantly, very
    patient with us when we have to revisit our waltz, quick step and cha cha cha weekly to perfect our steps. Thank you for a brill experience which we recommend to anyone of any age.

  • Pamela tennant (Wednesday, October 01 14 07:14 pm BST)

    A great dance school. Very friendly I enjoy my lessons and always feel I have achieved something after every lesson. I f I don't come away aching then I haven't danced hard enough.

  • Mira Bogicevic (Wednesday, October 01 14 06:30 pm BST)

    NLDA is the best dance school I've experienced. It's great to be learning up-to-date technique as well as routines in such a friendly environment. The enthusiasm, skill and professionalism of all the
    teachers has helped me gain the confidence I needed to get out of my sloppy ways and bad dancing habits!

    It would be even better though, if we could learn Foxtrot and Argentine Tango in our regular classes. Any hope guys?

    Love you all.

  • Zita Volford-McAuley (Wednesday, October 01 14 06:07 pm BST)

    At North Leeds Dance Academy the staff always believe in the child's ability to shine and never underestimate them due to their age. More importantly they believe in their own ability and together
    they push the limits to achieve their potential. The Academy really is like a welcoming family and Ashleigh, Poli & Mark are fantastic role models for the young dancers with their work ethic
    combined with a wicked sense of fun!!! Be warned it can be addicted... Our daughter Ailsa Iona comes four times a week from the original Saturday class!

  • Kirsten (Wednesday, October 01 14 03:45 pm BST)

    My fiancé and I have been coming for about a year now and absolutely love our dance classes! Great teachers, lovely venue, and lots of fun!

  • Augus and Marta (Wednesday, October 01 14 03:42 pm BST)

    My partner and I come to take private competitive lessons to this amazing dance school all the way from Newcastle Upon Tyne. The teachers are so professional, making the most of every minute of our
    lessons, they are so organised and committed. We have made a huge improvement in less than a year since we started coming to North Leeds Dance Academy. Cannot recommend enough this place!! :) Love
    all the team xx

  • Ian Watson (Wednesday, March 19 14 11:04 pm GMT)

    Being an avid fan of Strictly for some years now, it has been bugging me that I can’t tell a natural turn from a fleckle. Well, to be honest I still can’t but since signing up 11 weeks ago @ NLDA
    I’ve not looked back. The beginners’ classes are energetic and fun, purposeful without being too serious. Nicola’s a great teacher, enthusiastic, patient, very talented and with Steve by her side,
    they make a great team.

    I can honestly say that I look forward to Monday nights (and Saturdays when the social’s on) and if I hadn’t heard about NLDA from a friend @ Zumba, would be worse off for not knowing about this gem
    of a dance school. There are people of all ages and abilities. Each week I come away with a deep sense of achievement, I feel I’m progressing well and am looking forward to where NLDA and my dance
    shoes take me.
    Go on, bite the bullet, get in touch and starrrrrrt dancing!

    Trust me, you’ll love it ;)

  • pamela tennant (Saturday, March 08 14 09:28 pm GMT)

    been attending dance lessons now for 3 weeks. i've danced before but already i feel much better at the dances i am doing ashleigh is a great teacher and i'm enjoying my dancing again at last.

  • Mike & Cecilia (Tuesday, February 11 14 10:42 am GMT)

    never too old to have fun and learn to dance we are in our 70s and love every lesson.
    not sure Nicola does

  • Audrey and Steve (Monday, February 10 14 10:31 pm GMT)

    The North Leeds Dance Academy is fantastic. The lessons are always great fun and we are amazed that in just a few lessons we are already able to perform a small routine. We love it and just can't get
    enough of it. Well done to all the teachers who are always very helpful and supportive !

  • Stephanie Temoszczuk (Monday, February 10 14 06:36 pm GMT)

    NLDA is absolutely amazing! I did ballroom and latin dancing previously when i was 15 and recently decided i had to start again as i loved it so much before. I found NLDA online emailed Nicola and
    joined the beginners class in october 2013 . I was really nervous and scared about dancing again after all these years and how behind i would be but Nicola Steve Ashleigh and Polly was so welcoming i
    felt at ease straight away and caught up very quickly! Made new friends as well learnt some amazing dances. Couldn't be happier and would definately recommend NLDA !

  • Heather Delobel (Monday, February 10 14 03:52 pm GMT)

    North Leeds Dance Academy is a fabulous dance school! Myself and my four daughters (aged between 3 and 9) all have dance lessons and dancing has now taken over our lives!!! We have made fantastic new
    friends, learnt loads of dancing and attended some brilliant events, competitions etc. I would definitely recommend 110%!!! :-))

  • Susan and Ian (Sunday, October 06 13 02:56 pm BST)

    We so enjoy our dance classes. Nicola is a great teacher - very patient - and we have a good laugh as well as getting on with the dancing! For anyone who gets stressed at work dancing is excellent
    and it's nice to do something together as a couple.

  • Poli Boynova (Wednesday, October 02 13 11:12 pm BST)

    Dancing at North Leeds Dance Academy is one of the best things in my life! I wake up the morning wanting to dance and spend my entire day thinking about when I can dance next. I have been dancing
    there for just over a year and Nicola is an incredible teacher, insane dancer and the most welcoming person I've ever met. It's a place where there is a great balance between working extremely hard
    while practicing for a competition in a very light hearted environment, its great! Ashleigh is an amazing teacher and dance partner, I have learnt a lot from her and couldn't be more happy to be
    dancing with her in the upcoming competition! Nicola, Ashleigh and Steve have given me such a passion for dancing, and I think it's going to be something that I'm never going to be able to give up!
    Love it! Could not recommend a better dance school!

  • Joan & Gordon Sewell (Wednesday, October 02 13 05:16 pm BST)

    What a great experience. We are, possibly, one of the oldest couples who have joined Nicola's beginners' class early in 2013. We have danced socially for years but have never been taught properly.
    Now we are learning lots of new steps and, although we get tangled up sometimes, Nicola, Steve and Ashleigh help us to get the steps right in the most enthusiastic and supportive way. We look forward
    to each lesson every week.

  • Zoe Gray (Tuesday, October 01 13 12:52 pm BST)

    I have always wanted to learn to dance and having finally plucked up the courage I joined Nicola's beginners class in March this year. I can honestly say it is the best thing I have ever done. I
    really look forward to the class each week and you are always made to feel welcome. I was apprehensive at first as I was attending on my own but Ashleigh and Steve are always there to partner you.
    Both Nicola and Ashleigh are fabulous teachers, their enthusiasm and passion for dance shows every week and they want everyone to enjoy their class. The classes are fun and pitched at the right level
    for everyone, I can't recommend enough to everyone to give it a go - I only wish I had done it years ago.


  • Lesley (Saturday, September 28 13 02:43 pm BST)

    I have been dancing at NLDA since January 2012, I had no previous dance experience but loved it from the start,I have learned so much and have lots of fun too!!Everyone is so friendly and Nicola,
    Steve and Ashleigh are brilliant, they help you every step of the way!

  • Claire (Thursday, September 26 13 01:23 pm BST)

    The dance lessons are so much fun! You get to learn a variety of different Latin & Ballroom dances, it varies each week so it makes each lesson varied and exciting. Nicola, Steve and ashleigh are
    really friendly and not to mention, very good teachers! The classes are taught with the right level of fun, patience as well as strictness to ensure you reach your full potential, as well as have a
    lot of fun! I would recommend these classes to everyone of any level, whether you want to do it for fun, as a hobby or learn to dance professionally because you are given individual tips as you go
    along as well as the group tuition so you can learn at your own pace. Plus it's really good for your posture too!

  • Jo Abbiss (Thursday, September 26 13 09:13 am BST)

    I have always wanted to learn to ballroom dance and when that well known programme on BBC ended in December I had to get my fix. I began having lessons with North Leeds Dance Academy in January this
    year. I was nervous at the beginning as I had no partner but Nicola made me feel very welcome. North Leeds Dance Academy has taught me how dance the Rumba, Cha Cha, Tango, Waltz, Quick Step, Jive and
    now the Samba through the excellent tutelage of Nicola, Ashleigh and Steve. I would not hesitate to recommend North Leeds Dance Academy to anyone. Emphasis is on having fun -which everyone in the
    class has - as well as learning the beautiful art of dance.

  • Carol Thomas (Wednesday, September 25 13 08:38 pm BST)

    My husband and I joined Nicola, Steve and Ashleigh in January and have thoroughly enjoyed our Wednesday night tuition. We are now no longer Beginners but have reach the dizzy heights of Intermediate.
    The dances are taught with patience and thoroughness, with emphasis on you understanding the sequence of steps. We also attended the Summer Ball, which was a huge success. Although the many dancers
    were at different stages of competence, this didn't deter from the enjoyment of dancing around a large dance floor. Come along and give it a whirl, you won't be disappointed!!!

  • James Kelly (Wednesday, September 25 13 08:19 pm BST)

    I have been having lessons with North Leeds Dance Academy for the last 10 months having taken inspiration from watching Strictly and have thoroughly enjoyed it. I was a little apprehensive to start
    with having turned up on my own but was made to feel so welcome from the very start and have only positive things to say about Nicola, Ashleigh and Steve. I have furthered myself even more through
    private lessons with Ashleigh who is a fantastic teacher! which has enabled me to learn the Cha-Cha, Quickstep, Rumba, Jive, Tango and my favourite the Waltz. I Would definitely recommend them to

  • Heather (Wednesday, September 25 13 05:04 pm BST)

    I started dance lessons with Nicola at the North Leeds Dance Academy a year ago. Having never danced a step in my life I have now learnt routines for the waltz, cha cha, quickstep, tango, foxtrot,
    rumba and jive. I also tried the samba!I have taken my bronze level medal exams and now my 4 daughters are all dancing too and enjoying it just as much as I do! Nicola is a fantastic teacher and I
    have felt very welcome from the start, even when going on my own as my husband didn't want to. There is always lots going from classes to exams to competitions to balls and other social events. I
    would highly recommend getting involved as it is loads of fun, really good for you and you meet loads of great people. Fab-u-lous!!!

  • Tracy Jackson (Wednesday, September 25 13 04:59 pm BST)

    We love Strictly and my husband found Nicola and her school on the Internet. We were at one of her very first lessons and still go every week apart from holidays etc. It's great fun and really good
    exercise. Nic struggles to beat my Irish dancing flicky feet out of me but she's doing a great job! Thanks Nic, Steve and Ashleigh. Tracy and Paul

  • Judith Meadows (Wednesday, September 25 13 04:34 pm BST)

    My husband and I followed our daughter's footsteps into Nicola's dance classes. We love our Monday night class and always look forward to it, it's such a great way to banish the Monday blues.

    If you've ever thought you might like to try to live a bit of Strictly, then come to Nicola's class, you'll love it!

  • Judith Meadows (Wednesday, September 25 13 04:28 pm BST)

    My 7 year old daughter has been dancing with Nicola for almost 2 years now and has come on in leaps and bounds. We're all very excited about her upcoming competition in Blackpool!

  • Rachel (Wednesday, September 25 13 03:42 pm BST)

    I started dancing at the age of 8, but gave up when I went to university. A couple of years ago I really wanted to take it up again. I rang round various dance schools in the area, but none were as
    welcoming as Nicola. It didn't matter that I didn't have a partner, she welcomed me with open arms and invited me down to see what I could do. 2 years on I have improved dramatically and look forward
    every week to my lesson preparing for competitions. I have learnt more from Nicola in the last 2 years than I did in the 11 years I danced previously. Ashleigh is a fantastic dance partner and we
    practice hard, but most of all we have fun doing it!
    Thanks Nicola and Ashleigh (not forgetting Steve) x

  • Rosie Powers (Wednesday, September 25 13 03:35 pm BST)

    I contacted Nicola at NDLA as i wanted to learn Ballroom and Latin. As i already have a dance background already in Ballet and Modern i have found other schools/classes in the past aimed more at
    total dance beginners. I needed to learn Ballroom and Latin from a basic level but at a pace more suited to my experience.
    Nicola couldn't have been more helpful and welcoming to the school. She came up with a program for me that has really worked. This was some private lessons to get me to the right level to slot into a
    class that suits me. Both her and Ashley have been really supportive and are helping me to eventually take exams and also to compete.

    Ive wanted to learn ballroom and Latin for about 5 years and after many failed attempts NDLA have made it possible. Looking forward now to this years Strictly knowing i'm on way to learning

    I would recommend this school 100%!

    Thanks guys

  • Colleen (Wednesday, September 25 13 02:39 pm BST)

    I have always loved dancing and wanted to try Ballroom, but couldn't convince anybody to join with me. I emailed Nicola and asked if I could still come without a partner, she emailed straight back
    telling me to come along, that was November 2012. I really enjoy the classes, they fly by, Nicola, Steve and Ashley are all welcoming, great fun and encouraging - even when Nic shouts at me for being
    heavy footed... Try a class you wont be disappointed :)

  • Frank Mallon (Wednesday, September 25 13 02:00 pm BST)

    Never knew Ballroom dancing could be so much FUN...

    Thank you Nicola, Ashley, Steve and crew


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Leeds, West Yorkshire


Started dance classes October, 2012 with a slightly apprehensive partner! NLDA offered classes in our locality. From the very first session we knew we had found the right class. Nicola is such a skilled and enthusiastic teacher. Her love of dance is infectious and she ensures each class is varied and fun. We now have at least six dances under our belts, waltz, quickstep, tango, cha cha, rumba, jive.
The classes are varied in terms of age group, younger generally than we thought it would be. The classes are hugely fun, Nicola has a great sense of humour! The classes benefit from assistant, Ashley and Nicola's partner Steve all of whom give individual time to everyone and are so encouraging. 
I guess we are hooked! That is down to Nicola, Steve and Ashley. Would highly recommend to anyone!

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Leeds, West Yorkshire


Whey Hey!!!! No longer a Beginner, I would never have believed that after my 1st stumbling night in January. Lots still to learn but how good does Intermediate sound?
Well done to everyone in the Wed 6.30pm Lidgett Park Class a really great group.

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Leeds, West Yorkshire


After travelling backwards and forwards from Leeds to Middlesbrough for 3 years it was time to find a dance school in Leeds which offered the same competitive tuition which I needed. After looking at many different schools I came across Nicola's and I was welcomed from the very start.
Nicola is a fantastic teacher with lots of enthusiasm and has helped me develop my competitive dancing from IDTA to the open circuit. 
I would highly reccommend Nicola's school as she delivers dancing tuition not only for competitiors but for social dancing too and she makes every class as enjoyable and fun as the last!
In regards to prices; as I can see one review stating  as you can see by other reviews Nicola's school offers more than just 'cheap' classes, (yes her prices are reasonable and if you contact her she will happily give you her price guide) however, she personally welcomes every single person that walks through the door, makes you feel part of the school from the beginning and strives to accommodate you with what you are looking for! That's what you want from a school, not just the price of a class!

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Leeds, West Yorkshire


I have been coming to Nicola's dance classes for a year now, and am totally hooked! Nicola has an enthusiastic and infectious way of teaching, that is both fun and also technically challenging. You can see that she absolutely lives for dancing and to teach others. Everybody in the classes is really friendly and there is a really good atmosphere  something which worried me when I started as I thought that people would already be great dancers and it may be intimidating. 
Nicola is a very approachable teacher and I can't recommend it highly enough!

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Leeds, West Yorkshire


I started the Ballroom dance classes at the start of
January, turned up on my own and was made to feel extremely welcome by both
Nicola and Steve who are extremely helpful and accommodating. Their enthusiasm
for dancing got me exited from straight from the start, to the point I look
forward to each weekly lesson with excitement. After six weeks of weekly
lessons I am extremely happy I joined up and would strongly recommend this to anybody
looking for a fun social activity to participate in.

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Leeds, West Yorkshire


The classes are fun and Nicola, Steve and assistants are all brilliantly encouraging. We joined cautiously, liking the fact that you can just pay as you go and not have to commit to a whole term. A couple of weeks in and we wanted to do extra classes to learn more dances and are gutted if something comes up that means we can't make a class. Totally recommend it!

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Ossett, West Yorkshire


I started dancing since the middle of last year. It's something I've always wanted to do but never did as my partner was never interested. I contacted several dance schools and Nicola was the only one the replied telling me I didn't need a partner, even in her first email I could sense Nicola's enthusisam and passion. I now have the same love of dancing, the classes are fantastic and there is a great atmosphere with everyone else there. It's great exercise and just brilliant fun! So if you were thinking of giving dancing ago call Nicola you will love it!

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Leeds, West Yorkshire


Put on your dancing shoes and dance away your blues! My husband and I are in our late 50's and enjoying every step we take. People are lovely and friendly, tuition relaxed but thorough, not to mention all that excercise tripping the light fantastic. Come along and join us! Carol Thomas

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Leeds, West Yorkshire


I started beginners classes with Nicola a couple of months ago and it's been so much fun! On the first lesson Nicola introduced the classes as a great way to shape up, have fun, meet people and she promised we wouldn't think about work at all! Ever the sceptic I under took the first class and after what felt like 5 minutes we were already at the end of the class! I was grinning from ear to ear, a little flustered and I really didn't think about work once. Every week we add new elements to the dances, it gets broken down well and I come away grinning (if a little sore footed from mine and my partners stumbles!) 
I really couldn't rate Nicola and her team more highly, it's a fantastic class  fun friendly and full of laughs.

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Leeds, West Yorkshire


Superb fun and highly infectious dance classes. Nicola and her brilliant assisstants have allowed me to find that I have 2 different feet not just left!
Thoroughly recommend and great value too.


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Leeds, West Yorkshire


I started at the end of September (2012) as a complete beginner and just a couple of months later I now know steps for the cha cha, tango, quickstep, jive and waltz and I am absolutely hooked! Nicola's classes are so full of energy and fun and the hour passes in the blink of an eye. My 7 and 5 year old daughters have now started the children's class and they are just as enthusiastic as I am! Fantastic classes  I definitely very highly recommend them.

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Bradford, West Yorkshire


Cannot rate Nicola highly enough. She is an amazing teacher and the classes are so much fun. We were complete beginners when we started and have only been dancing a few months now but can't believe how much we have learnt already. I would recommend to anyone. You will have lots of fun, learn a fabulous new skill and it's great exercise too!

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Leeds, West Yorkshire


We have been dancing with Nicola for a few months and love it. We come away from every lesson feeling we have learnt something and had such fun. Nicola is so positive and encouraging. Come and give it a go!

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Leeds, West Yorkshire


My parner and I joined Nicolas beginners dance class in March and I can honestly say it is one of the hilights of our week. I can't believe how much we have learnt in this time and on so many different dances. Nicola gets the perfect balance of learning new routines and practicing what we have already learnt, and seems to instinctively know when we are ready to add extra moves and when we aren't quite ready! She is a pleasure to be around and the classes cheer us up even on the most miserable or hard days at work! Nicola is an excellent teacher and shows bucket loads of enthusiasm and cheer, and never tires of offering genuine encouragement and praise! Thanks Nicola! Hannah and Andy

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Leeds, West Yorkshire


My partner and I started our beginners ballroom class on a Tuesday evening in May. Having never danced before, I am impressed by how quickly my partner has picked up the routines. I've been dancing for many years (but never ballroom) and I have tried many different classes with various teachers. Nicola is one of the best I've come across, she definitely gets the balance right! We progress, learn new steps, gain confidence, have a laugh and make new friends. It is a welcoming atmosphere and the Saturday Socials are an added bonus, enabling us to practise our new skills. 
I'd recommend it everyone, we love it!

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Harrogate, North Yorkshire


Nicola runs one of most flexible and friendly dance classes we have had the pleasure in participating in. Nicola has an infectious positive personality that makes every class enjoyable. She has a natural perception of the progression and understanding of the class  and adjusts the routines appropriately. Having had the experience of over 20 dance instructors  NIcola is one of our favourite and most exciting.

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Leeds, West Yorkshire


Nicola's classes have enabled me to have so much fun doing something I never thought possible  whizzing around a dance floor in high heels and looking like I might know what I am doing with my feet! Its such fun; come on guys give it a go!

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Leeds, West Yorkshire


My wife Lynn and I stared the beginners class in January. From one who has always had two left feet, I feel that we, and me in particular, have come on due to Nicola's relaxed and enthusiastic way of teaching. We thoroughly enjoy the class on Thursday and recently moved up in to the improvers' class and I don't think it's just to make up the numbers! Nicola has taught us well. We now also enjoy the fun, relaxed atmosphere of the Saturday social.
Lynn and Steve Gledhill

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Leeds, West Yorkshire


My 6 year old daughter has loved watching Strictly from a young age and has wanted to learn ballroom and latin for some time. I was so pleased when we found Nicky's class 8 weeks ago, although I wasn't sure my daughter would enjoy the reality of learning a prescribed set of steps, but how wrong I was! Caitlin absolutely loves the class and already knows the steps to the foxtrot, waltz and cha cha. She loves coming home from class on a Thursday evening to show her Dad what she's learned and then plays at dance classes in the playground at school with her friends. Nicky has suggested the children can start taking medals in April if they want to but there is absolutely no pressure to do so. I just can't wait til my husband's injury free so we can learn too!

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Leeds, West Yorkshire


We joined the beginner ballroom class in January and are well and truly gripped with dancing. This is thanks to Nicola's teaching style, friendly approach and enthusiasm which has really motivated us to want to learn more. We look forward to each Thursday and the new elements we will learn and the Saturday Social is a perfect way to practise our skills.


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Leeds, West Yorkshire


I joined the class with friends and we are all having a great time. Nicola has a friendly flexible style of teaching. There is a saturday social practice dance which is very good for consolidation and has a different feel to the lessons.

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Leeds, West Yorkshire


My eight year old son loves his dancing lessons, he never stops dancing since starting the class! He's learnt such a lot in a short space of time.

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Leeds, West Yorkshire


We are attending the beginners ballroom class. Nicola is very welcoming and approachable and we are really enjoying the classes and find Nicola to be an excellent teacher. It is one of the best things we've done in years.

Paul and Tracy

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Leeds, West Yorkshire


Great class. Nicola is welcoming and makes the class good fun. Amazed at how much we have learnt in jut 2 sessions. The hour flies by! I recommend trying this class.

Being tasked with finding a dance school in Leeds to provide a mass dance lesson for up to 100 international visitors, I took to the internet and found a handful of dance schools.  Nicola from North Leeds Dance Academy came back to me with a lively and enthusiastic response, which was exactly what we were looking for.  She took time to come and meet me and see the space to ensure that she would be able to make the lesson fit for purpose on the night.  Her communication was excellent and I was not worried about anything.  Two of her colleagues performed a dance routine in full costume before the lesson and Nicola took over the reigns, teaching some reluctant and some not-so-reluctant people enough moves to be able to Cha Cha!  The class was lively and fun even for those of us watching from the side-lines!  Thanks Nicola and team.

Emma Gilbert

Leeds Metropolitan University


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1 hour, 25 minutes ago, Caroline C replied:

My 6 year old daughter has recently started one of Nicola's ballroom classes, she loves it and has learnt lots of basic steps in just a few weeks. It's lovely seeing her foxtrot around the room and her little brother even gets to join in the samba at the end! 

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